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IT support, IT services, internet connectivity, office and moblie communications, a range of cloud based services designed to meet the needs of small businesses - all from a single tried and tested provider.

IT Support

S-Guard has proven expertise in designing, installing and supporting IT systems that are optimised for the individual needs of our clients.

IP Phones

Cost effective, feature rich IP Phone Systems for both your offices and mobile employees with call plans to suit all requirements.

Cloud Services

Dedicated cloud services, hosted desktops and the full Office 365 Suite. S-Guard can deliver cloud based systems tailored to an organisation's needs.


Fibre broadband, ADSL2 and dedicated leased lines backed by UK based 24/7 technical support.

IT Support

Most businesses rely heavily on IT. A well designed and robust IT infrastructure along with reliable backups and a tested business continuity plan can greatly enhance the way a business operates and should a disaster strike it will enable the business to continue running effectively in as short a time as possible.

Every business has its own unique requirements for IT support ranging from a fully or partially managed service to traditional break/fix. Also, some organisations like the flexibility of calling upon an outside organisation to supplement their in-house staff.

IP Phones

A hosted business telephone system that provides handset, phone extensions, advanced call features and inclusive call packages. With IP Phones you don't need a physical telephone system in your office or traditional telephone lines anymore.

Premium Broadsoft Licence

Our bundles come with a Premium Broadsoft licence and 45 features including Auto Attendant, busy lamp fields, Office UC (Instant Messaging, Presence and video), Go Integrator, shared call appearance (up to 30 devices), voicemail, call forwarding, redail, DND, call pickup, hunt groups, hot-desking, call waiting and music on hold.

Flexible monthly rental

You only pay for the extensions that you use and you can add and remove extensions depending on your needs. There are no software upgrade costs and if you need to move offices there is no bo to re-install at the new site. Just pick up your handsets and plug them in.

Keep your own numbers

We can port your existing numbers over to our platform and you can also choose any numbers from any part of the UK if you want to portray a local presence in a particular area. If you move premises, even to a different town or city you can keep your existing telephone numbers.

Tailored packages

Choose from a range of low CAPEX bundles where for one low monthly rental you can buy a Premium licence, you UK calls and Polycom handset.

Reliable and secure service

Our IP Phone service has multiple platforms. In the unlikely even that on fails, the other takes over, minimising downtime and disruption.

24/7 UK-based support

Our UK contact centre is available to you 24/7 if you have technical questions or need to report a fault.

One number anywhere

Our system integrates desk and mobile phone services. Callers dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously. Ongoing calls can be moved seamlessly from one phone to another without hanging up and both phones share a single voice mail box enabling remote working.

You can install handsets anywhere. If you have multiple sites, home workers or sites or workers in other countries, all they need is a supported handset or softphone software on their PC, mobile or tablet and they can be part of the phone system. They can make internal and external calls just the same as a user sat at a desk in your head office.


Our broadband offerings include a range of business connectivity from ADSL and fibre broadband to Ethernet leased lines.

ADSL is a broadband connection with up to 8Mb/s downstream speeds and up to 800Kb/s upstream speeds it utilises the existing copper cables between the exchange and your premises. Consequently, the available speeds and stability of the service are adversly affected by the distance from the exchange and the environment. ADSL broadband is usually installed in around 10 working days.

ADSL2+ is a broadband connection with up to 24Mb/s downstream speeds and up to 1.4Mb/s upstream speeds it utilises the existing copper cables between the exchange and your premises. Consequently, the available speeds and stability of the service are adversly affected by the distance from the exchange and the environment. ADSL2+ broadband is usually installed in around 10 working days.

FTTC Broadband is a high performand broadband connection with up to 80Mb/s downstream speeds and up to 20Mb/s upstream. It uses fibre cabling to the street, which significantly reduces the copper distance, resulting in higher speeds. It is perfect for businesses looking to upgrade to faster, more reliable connectivity to access cloud-based services. Fibre broadband is usually installed in around 10 working days.

Ethernet Leased Lines are a dedicated internet access available in 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s speeds suitable for direct access, MPLS VPNs and point to point connections. Circuits are available from all the major carriers and at competitive rates. There is no connection fee on 3-year contracts and each circuit comes with a managed router.

Back-Up. For enterprises that cannot be without their connectivity we offer a range of fail-over, back-up solutions. Some of our services include an ADSL back-up, terminated on the managed router supplied with the primary circuit. Where available, ADSL, FTTC and 4G can also be supplied with a separate router. All back-up services can accommodate fixed IP addresses and we also have a range of non-fixed IP data SIMs, with or without a managed router.

Office 365 Logo

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's most flexible way of licensing your desktop software and also offers significant enhancements in the tools that enable you to run your organisation.

Office 365 features:

  • Exchange online - by integrating with Microsoft Oulook you can now access email, shared calendats, contacts and tasks without the need for an on-premises exchange server, and from practically anywhere in the world. Setting up your Exchange account on multiple devices is quick and easy and all devices will synchronise with one another.
  • Full Office suite (word Excel, Powerpoint etc.) - all the latest version of all applications available both via web and also as installed apps on your PC, laptop or mobile device.
  • Skype for business - instant messaging, screen sharing and the ability to run webinars for up to 200 users.
  • OneDrive for business - a corporate solution for cloud based file storage. A more secure alternative to DropBox and similar cloud sharing platforms.
  • OneNote - a great way of making, sharing and keeping notes and meeting records.
  • SharePoint - a collaboration tool that allows you to create interactive intranets and shared work spaces.

Migrating to Office 365 is a critical step and process and your organisation may need some hand holding to complete the job in a straightforward and transparent way. S-Guard has a wealth of experience in successfully migrating SMB's to the Microsoft cloud.


S-Guard specialises in providing robust and reliable IT, cloud services and hosted phone systems to businesses of all sizes.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in delivering IT and, more recently, cloud-based solutions to a significant number of organisations, S-Guard’s experience and knowledge in this industry is considered as being second to none.

Although based in the United Kingdom, S-Guard provides cloud services & solutions that have a global reach. Indeed, through our partners, S-Guard can offer 24 hour cloud-service support to any business anywhere in the world.

In order to help you make a decision, most of our services can be evaluated and tested before you make any commitment. This evaluation process could be a hands-on trial or alternatively one of our experts can take you through a demonstration.

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